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I loved reading Dani’s Current Favorites post which inspired me to write a post of my own! One thing about being on maternity leave is that between watching endless Real Housewives episodes and cleaning spit up off your shirt there’s a lot of time spent trying to occupy yourself while you’ve got a baby attached to your boob for what feels like 24/7. So I’ve definitely been able to discover some new favorites that I’d love to share with each of you.

ONE → The Magic of Motherhood
Gah! Everyone who is a mother or becoming a mother NEEDS this book. I’ve been reading it for the past week and I feel like it came at the perfect time as I’m still getting the hang of this new mom thing. It’s an easy read and each chapter is a new essay and it’s SO good. It might be the hormones but every chapter has caused me to shed a tear or two. PS I had the pleasure of doing the branding for Coffee + Crumbs last year which makes it that much more special. I love seeing my clients thriving and doing amazing things.

TWO → It’s the Buff blemish elixir
Since having the baby my skin has been all out of wack. This jojoba face oil has been my jam every night. I don’t often have a lot of time to even wash my face at night but just a drop of this has been keeping my acne at bay. Plus it has cute packaging to boot!

THREE → Merlin Magic Sleepsuit
Okay, I’m fully aware my baby looks absolutely ridiculous in this but this thing is seriously magic. Emma has started to wiggle her arms out of her swaddle and waking herself up due to the Moro reflex so I had to resort to something new for her. It’s suggested for babies starting at 3 months old and since Emma is only 2 months(this week, ah!) we’ve had to elevate her little legs by putting some rolled up blankets underneath her. We absolutely love this thing and it’s gotten more than a few laughs. When we put her in it you better believe we call her the Michelin man. 😉

FOUR → Girlfriend Collective leggings
Last year Girlfriend Collective had a massive campaign where they handed out free eco-friendly leggings for just the cost of shipping. I received mine last June when I was early on in my pregnancy so I was only able to wear them for a few weeks but since I’m not pregnant anymore I have been LIVING in these. They’re so comfortable and I love that they’re high waisted! The campaign is closed now but they’re coming out with new products this spring so be sure to sign up for their newsletter to get updates.

FIVE → Taylor Farms salads from Target
I promise you none of this stuff I’m talking about is sponsored but seriously, you need to try these chopped salads! I’ve been obsessed with the Asian chopped salad but a close second is the Southwestern salad they have. They are SO delicious and so easy to toss together. I’ve been eating them for lunch and a lot of times for dinner with some bake chicken breast. Aaron is a big fan as well!

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