5 Things I’m Loving

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Cactus Blanket / Hippo toy / Pacifier / Muslin bib

ONE → Laura Mercier flawless fusion foundation
I’ve been an avid fan of Tarte Cosmetics for awhile but lately I’ve just been feeling like my foundation was looking a little grim. I just picked up this foundation from Laura Mercier and I’m loving it so far. I have oily skin so this has a nice matte finish and one of my main requests during my search was that it didn’t transfer and was long lasting. This hits all points for me and I’m loving how it looks. It also feels super lightweight which is amazing for how long lasting it is. I’m wearing color Macadamia.

TWO → Planoly
I’ve been obsessed with this app to plan out content on instagram. It’s so easy to use and I love that it lets you schedule posts, rearrange photos so you can get your grid just right and that you can see analytics. It also let’s you plan your instagram stories! It’s been super helpful and I use it a ton for work since I do social media for businesses. I’m seriously in love.

THREE → How I Built This podcast
If you’re intrigued about how businesses got their start like I am this podcast is great! Guy Raz interviews tons of businesses like Toms, Aden + Anais and Rent the Runway. Super fascinating! I always love hearing about peoples journeys and how they got to where they are.

I loved this honest video by Whitney Port on her struggles of breastfeeding and the pressure we put on ourselves as mothers to breastfeed. I went through some of the same struggles and it’s HARD ladies. You literally feel like your nipples are being cut open with knives for those first few weeks.

FIVE → 20 Hacks for Traveling with Baby
Emma has already been on an airplane more times than I can count which is amazing but we’re prepping to fly to Hawaii in the next few weeks which has me SO nervous because it’s such a long flight. These tips will definitely come in handy!

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