5 Things I’m Loving


ONE → A Color Story iphone app
I never thought this day would come but I’ve noticed myself using A Color Story on my iphone to edit photos way more than VSCO now. My favorite preset pack on there is Flashes of Delight and their Cassidy filter. It’s so pretty! And then they also have a fun feature where you can plan out your instagram grid after you’re done editing your photo. That’s something I used to pay Planoly for but love this free alternative!

TWO → Madewell
I’m having a serious moment with Madewell right now. I can’t get enough of their stuff and am trying to find a way of owning every piece without going completely broke, hahahayearight. Some pieces I’m loving right now: this denim jacket(it’s so comfy, guys), this wide-leg jumpsuit, these wide leg crop denim jeans (ok maybe I’m also having a moment with wide leg pants??? But I posted this on my instagram stories, their wide leg denim is better than ANY Jesse Kamm or Everlane wide leg pants I’ve ever owned. Honest-to-god), this white top (featured here) and these shoes. SO GOOD RIGHT?

THREE → My Favorite Murder podcast
I’m seriously OBSESSED with this podcast right now. I find myself taking the long way home just to get a few extra minutes in the car with this podcast it’s that good. I always skip through the first 15-20 minutes where they’re just talking and get right to the good part, murder. Karen and Georgia do a fantastic job at going through their favorite murders and I’m so hooked. I just bought tickets to see them live in Sacramento in October with my friends + mom(!!) and I’m so so so excited. It’s going to be a blast. SSDGM. Stay tuned for a post later on about some of my favorite podcasts along with this one!

FOUR → Grilled Lime Salmon and avocado mango salsa
Our friends Kameron and Mike were in town over the weekend and friday night we had them over for dinner. I got a little adventurous and tried a new recipe and absolutely fell in love with this one. The salsa was so good, I also added in some jalapeno to kick it up a notch. So good I could put that salsa on everything.

FIVE → Milanote
I’ve been trying out this site for client projects and I’m loving it so far. You can upload photos, create moodboards, type out notes or to-do lists plus you can share it with clients so that you can collaborate and write in comments. It’s really cool so far and I’m loving the design of it! Use my code here to sign up.

One last thing, I finally created an email newsletter for my blog so you can keep updated with new blogposts. Just click here to plug in your email. Happy Monday!

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  • Really love Madewell as well. It’s always been my guilty pleasure. They always have cute stuff. They have high quality sweaters too. Now I have to check out those wide leg jeans!