Hello everyone and welcome to a new edition I will be featuring on my blog weekly! It was mainly inspired by everyone who posts weekly TILT’s, Link Loves and Link Bytes, so check out all of those links above because their links are way awesome! And plus I can’t take all of the credit in this. It’s called 8-bits and each week I will be posting a list of 8 bits(links) I’m adoring that week. It can be anything from simple DIY’s to recipes & even of cute new bloggers I’ve run across! I figured that since I post enough links via my @vannyyy twitter account that I might as well gather those all into a weekly post. I can’t promise I’ll be doing it every single week but I can promise that it will be 8 intriguing links I know you’ll all love. You can also feel free to shoot me an email of anything that caught your eye or if you want me to feature anything on my blog! So without further adieu…

  • Check out Miss Chelsea from Seablanket.com and her recent shoppe update! I love all of the items in her shop + I wish I had an everlasting flow of money to support my shopping habits!
  • Planning on making a dessert for the holidays? This yummy cream puff recipe will have your whole family drooling.
  • I’m just dying to get my hands on Joy Cho’s new book on running a successful freelance business.
  • I’m ecstatic I won my very first giveaway this week! It was amazing stationary from Megan’s etsy shop! Thank you Danielle for hosting such a sweet giveaway!
  • Danielle from Sometimessweet posted a yummy looking baked ziti recipe that has me salivating.

Did you enjoy your first dish of 8-bits? Let me know, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Be fabulous,

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