An Update


01. I accidently let our electric salt & pepper grinders melt from sitting on top of the oven so I went and purchased these super cute cork-capped spice jars from Anthro over the weekend on sale. I love a cute pattern.
02. Loving that Aaron is back in town from being in Arizona over the weekend. Plus, my apartment is cleeeean.
03. Since it was just Riot and I over the weekend I gave him some extra attention. Most of which involved tons of pictures and one accidentally of him winking. 😉
04. Some essentials for my work desk.
05. A couple weekends ago I went to a boat show in Newport. It was pretty incredible. Some of the yachts were massive.
06. We’re trying to keep the dogs off of our new couch, probably won’t last too long, so I’ve learned that keeping foil on the couch is a good way of keeping them off. It also works for keeping humans off, too.
07. A pretty field of flowers Riot and I passed on our walk over the weekend.
08. I’ve been ultra obsessed with blueberries lately. They’re so good in my morning yogurt!

And okay, I have to share this but I started shopping at Trader Joe’s and their lemon bars(in the dessert aisle) are SO good. Buy 10 boxes when you try them, you’re welcome.

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  • 06. has been tried in the gilger home with the same results. We ended up getting a sweet Belgian army blanket at a market and put it on the couch when we are out. It seems to be working for both humans and animals.

    • Nice! This seems to be working quite well but I think Riot is slowly realizing that he can touch the foil without anything happening to him. He’s smarter than I thought!

    • haha he tried jumping up the back way so for awhile I had to put foil on the top of the cushions! Sneaky sneaky. and thank you! xx