An Update



01. Enjoying the morning light and the fact that the year is nearly over! Cannot believe that.
02. I love that it’s the middle of November and the weather is still nice enough to go to the beach! We’re spoiled here in California.
03. A couple weeks back we had some friends in town and enjoyed the Farmers Market. These colorful carrots were too pretty to eat.
04. Can never have enough succulents, right? I picked up a new one, lady of pearls and I can’t wait till it grows super long!
05. Thank you all for your comments and support on the launch of my new site! I really appreciate it.
06. With the new season came a need for change with my hair. I never ever dye my hair and I think I’m already wanting it back to one color but I definitely love the bangs. For now, ha!
07. Enjoying the perks of freelancing last Friday with Netflix playing.
08. Last Sunday Aaron, some friends and I made the hike up the Mt. Hudson trail to Potato Chip Rock. Super steap hike but well worth it with the gorgeous view from the top! I’ll be sharing more photos shortly. 🙂

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