An Update


Thank you guys so much for your support and kind comments on my last post about taking the leap! I’m so excited and can’t wait to see what this new season will bring.
01. In preparation for me going freelance full-time I’m taking all new pictures for my website. Here’s a small peek.
02. Aaron and I went to breakfast early Sunday morning and split some amazing maple bacon donuts. I need more of these in my life sans weight gain.
03. #selfie. My hair is currently at this awkward length where it hits my shoulders just enough that halfway through the day it starts curling outwards making me feel like I was in high school again. Not okay. Grow hair, grow!
04. Ice cream dates with my love chatting about all of these big life changes. He’s my rock.
05. Still trying to balance out the sweets with some healthy eating during lunches. Chicken caesar salads have been my favorite lately.
06. Sarah and I have been hanging out a ton lately and drove up north a couple weeks ago to see Paramore and Fall Out Boy. My inner 17 year old could not stop smiling.
07. Looking forward to a lot more beach days with Sarah since we are practically neighbors and we’ll be freelancing full time. Love that girl.
08. Not sure how it happened but TWO of my plants died. It definitely got my spirits low because I couldn’t figure it out but I’m glad this fiddle leaf fig is still kickin’ which makes me want to add more to my plant collection.

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  • I freaking love your hair that length! Haha. Even though you probably find it annoying. 😛 It looks great in that photo.

    Also, I still listen to FOB and Paramore on a weekly basis. 😉