An Update


01. I’ve been doing a lot of watercolor lettering lately(for fun!) and it’s been really calming. Ever since I gave notice at my job my mind has been racing so much. I need to learn to relax a little.
02. I want more plants in the apartment, this fiddle leaf has been doing so well. Except for yesterday when a couple leaves fell off randomly. 😡
03. So thankful for this guy and love that I get to sit next to him during the week now(he works from home, too!)
04. Coffee dates with Celestine are the best. It’s so great being able to meet other ladies in this city. It’s weird that we’ve lived here for 3 years already and I feel like I’m just starting to make new friends.
05. Mid-day walks around the neighborhood are perfect when you’ve been staring at a monitor nonstop.
06. Lately I’ve been getting large iced coffees. I’m obsessed.
07. We went to the last baseball game of the season and I already can’t wait till next year. I love baseball games!
08. I had such a great first week freelancing full-time! I’ve been sticking to a schedule and working on a mix of clients and personal work. And have not had a day where I work in my pajamas yet 😉

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  • It’s kind of nice to hear that it takes a long time to find real friends. I’m on 5 months in Austin and I keep ragging on myself for not having a solid friend core yet.

    : )

    Props on not working in PJS!!!!

  • I’m so happy that freelancing full time is doing you wonders. I know you’ll kick butt on the projects you have lined up! And yes, our coffee dates are so awesome. I’m so happy to have a made a friend in an unfamiliar city and that’s all thanks to this virtual place. It’s amazing how these online relationships turn into real ones in just a short amount of time. Have fun at designer vacay!!