An Update

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01. I recently purchased some prints from Artifact Uprising for some gifts for my bridesmaids and had some extra pages left over to get some prints of the dogs. I really need to start printing pictures more.

02. Last week Aaron and I got the urge to work out of the apartment so we brought our office to Young Hickory. Cute litte coffee shop with great food and beer!

03. I bought a huge split leaf philadendron for my birthday and it needed some major pruning. Luckily the left overs still make for good home decor.

04. Mid week ice cream dates at Hammonds.

05. Grabbing a beer with my *feyoncĂ© 😉

06. Mornings at the beach are my favorite. This weather has been so warm and I cannot believe we’re even using our AC right now. Ridiculous.

07. Tulips from Aaron are a nice surprise!

08. I think I need some more plants, or as Sarah would say, another addition to my plant cemetary. ha!

I cannot believe March is nearly over, this year is flying by! Thankfully things are starting to slow down a bit, I was feeling a bit overworked in the beginning of the month but now that some projects have finished up I’m feeling a lot better and more myself. Also, wedding planning! Doing one thing at a time has really helped me not stress about things. Since the wedding will be low key(think small gathering in the woods!) the only thing left to do is design our invites/save the dates and buy all the decor. Designing our invites will be an entire obstacle in itself.

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