An update


January was quite the eventful month! Which basically explains the huge gap in posts on this poor ole blog. Here are some highlights:

I chopped off my hair- I had been feeling super tired of dealing with my hair and not to mention I hate brushing it. I finally built up the courage to chop it off and next week I’ll be getting it dyed a subtle ombre.

I got a new job!- I worked my butt off last month updating my resume, printing them on nice paper, updating my portfolio, and doing a few massive “tester” projects and landed a pretty sweet design job downtown. I’m so excited that I won’t have to commute to work any longer and that I’ll be doing what I’ve loved for so long. It’s incredibly exciting knowing that the hard work I did isn’t going unseen and that it’s all paying off.

Aaron got a new job!- Seriously. We both start our brand new jobs on the same day. It’s so exciting. Just when we thought we were ready to move out of San Diego huge opportunities happened. 2013 has been the best year ever so far. Can’t wait to see how the rest of this year goes.

Aside from the new jobs we’ll be leaving for Arizona tomorrow night for a quick trip to visit Aarons brother. I plan on catching up with some old friends and enjoying this time away before things get super busy next week. All week I’ve been trying to finish up my freelance work and it’s been rough so I’m really excited to catch up on sleep and have some fun.

Enjoy your week! xo

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