An Update


The weather has been amazing in San Diego lately. I’ve had beautiful mornings tanning on our balcony, running at the park up the street with Molli, freelancing with the windows open letting the breeze run through the apartment and fun-filled girls days enjoying drinks and fish tacos.

Life is starting to finally slow down. I’ve been able to work on my own projects and enjoy down time reading on the couch. Just recently I was thinking this time last year we really weren’t sure if we’d stay in San Diego. I can’t believe we stuck to it and stayed here. I’m so happy we did. I can’t imagine living anywhere else now. This city is perfect and we’ve yet to experience everything.

I’ve gone on morning runs 5 times in the last week. CRAZY. I hate running but I really feel like I’m getting stronger and better at it. Finally starting to actually enjoy it and see results. I’ve been on a mission to get in shape and it’s been a constant battle wanting to be fit and eat pizza at the same time. I have a serious food weakness.

Some other things making me happy: Padres vs Rockies game with my love and then a few days later Padres vs Giants game with work, cooking at home, the soreness in my legs after a long run, candy crush on my ipad mini, shopping with coworkers who have turned into amazing friends and finally feeling like I’m coming into my own as a designer.

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