An Update


01.  lately my warddrobe has consisted of only black, white and grey. Love it so much.
02.  i’ve been lusting over fiddle leaf fig trees lately but i’m having a hard enough time keeping my current plants alive. I may have to stick with succulents forever.
03.  black leather goods from Everlane and Sam Edelman.
04.  lunch walks through Little Italy are amazing. I’m so in love with the location of our new office building. Art store trips and crepes every.week.
05.  lemon water is one of my favorites. Can never have enough lemons.
06.  lots of lettering exploration with watercolor lately for a client. I can’t wait to share this fun project we’ve been working on.
07.  aaron and I are trying out meal prepping this week and I’m really enjoying it. One hour on Sunday night and the entire week is set for us. Makes it so convenient and keeps my eating on track.
08.  sunday mornings grabbing coffee and eating crepes in south park at Cafe Madeleine with my handsome guy. I think it’s our new favorite.

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  • Meal planning, I really, really need to get into that. I’m looking to make better spending habits and I hate thinking of what I want to eat each day. What is your process with it? I am afraid that I wouldn’t like the same exact meal 5 days in a row, do you have other options or do you make two things? I know there are a lot of resources online about this but I’m here and you seem to have a good time with it so I thought I would ask!

    • I’m definitely learning my lesson this week, I made the same meal for each day for lunch and that is something I recommend on not doing. I’m already so bored with it haha. BUT what all I did was roast 4 chicken breasts and a handful of fingerling potatoes, made 2 cups of quinoa and steamed broccoli and split that up into 8 containers evenly. It took about an hour. I think what I’ll do next time is split up the protein between chicken, steak and salmon and precook quinoa and rice and then steam some veggies and split all of that up so I have a variety throughout the week. 🙂 Hope that was helpful! This was our first time and I’m definitely just learning as I go. I feel better and love that it helps me with healthier eating habits.

  • ooh, meal planning! i need to do that. if i can get as far as deciding what to make and buying the ingredients, i’ll be happy. so impressed it only took you an hour!