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Since a few months have passed I figured now would be a good time to share some items we’re loving for Emma. Before I had her I was SO overwhelmed with all of the baby stuff out there so I looked to my closest friends and family for items they recommended. Now that Emma is here though, Aaron and I have been able to figure out what works and what doesn’t, for us. Of course every baby is different but here are some items we’re currently loving for our little one:

Mamaroo Chair – Emma hated this chair when she was a newborn but over the last couple months she’s come to love it. It’s currently saving me as I transition back into work! I have it right next to my desk and put her in it while I answer emails. I love the different settings it has and how sleek it looks. Seriously I wish they made these for adults.

Sakura Bloom Sling – We’ve tried a few different carriers and this one wins for being the easiest and lightest. My favorite part of this sling is how easy it is to get Emma in and out of. With babies you know they go from zero to screaming in a matter of seconds so the fact that I’m able to pull her out of it easily is wonderful. Also I’ve nursed while wearing her in this a few times and I love that! So simple!

Comotomo Bottles – I love these bottles. Our pediatrician joked that they look like little easter eggs but Emma loves them. She latches right onto them and they’re super soft/squishy. I really like how easy they are to clean and they have dual anti-colic vents.

Hatch Baby Rest – Aaron and I are a little obsessed with tech stuff so we loved that this had an app to go along with it. This is a sound machine and night light that syncs with your phone. I love the different sound presets and the different colors you can change the night light to. You can also go through the presets with a touch of the finger to the top of the base, you don’t even have to push down which makes it super easy to turn on/off when you’re in a bind trying to put the baby to sleep.

Dockatot – We didn’t purchase this until a couple weeks ago but I wish we had it when Emma was born. The first night we got it she slept a full 8 hours and I was in shock. It’s great for cosleeping but we just stick it in the halo bassinet next to our bed since this is a bit more comfortable for her. It’s also awesome for tummy time and easy to wash. We’re planning some fun trips this summer and I’m excited to have this for traveling.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag – I was completely against getting a diaper bag for the longest time. I really considered just using my leather madewell tote. I purchased this when we were out shopping on black friday and I love that it doesn’t look like a diaper bag. There are so many bags out there that have hideous prints and I wanted something simple. This does the trick and I can fit ALL the things. I also used this as a carry on when we traveled to Reno a couple weeks ago. It seriously holds so much.

Nest Cam – This is another one of those tech things we love. This isn’t meant to be used as a baby camera but we mounted it to her bassinet and turn it on/off when she’s in it. I love that I can watch the camera in my browser on my desktop or on my iphone using their app. You can also send a unique link to a family member(like grandma) so she can watch when it’s on. We have a few other cameras around the outside of the house so while I’m watching my baby sleep I’m also playing neighborhood watch. 😉

Uppababy Mesa Carseat – We looked at a few different carseats and ultimately landed on this one which I’m super happy about. We love that the carseat also attaches to our stroller which makes it so easy to get her in and out of when we’re running errands and she falls asleep. This was also super easy to travel with. We had my Mom purchase an extra carseat base so we just traveled with the carseat and stroller attachment. Also the stroller! We have the Vista one and it’s so nice and smooth. It’s super easy to unload and I’m basically a pro now.

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