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Aaron and I are making plans to completely overhaul our backyard this summer and I’m SO excited! We have a huge ugly backyard at the moment and I’m ready to transform it into something we can all enjoy. After spending hours trying to figure out what to do I think we are finally making decisions and starting the fun part(the design!). We live in a 3 bedroom house right now but since having Emma we realized we needed an extra room for our office so we can keep a room dedicated to hosting family and friends when they visit(and eventually baby #2). We’ll be building a dedicated studio space for the office out in the backyard soon as well and I can’t wait.

Along with the studio we’re wanting to make the backyard pretty drought-tolerant. I’m thinking cacti, succulents, decomposed granite and rocks. I know we’ll soon have a crazy toddler so I don’t want to go too crazy with dangerous plants. I would love to add in some wooden planters somewhere to attempt to grow some fruits/veggies. We’re also thinking about adding in a firepit which makes me SO excited to have guests over and hang out in the backyard. Lastly, we have a big cement patio so we want to build patio cover for some shade. There’s a random grass patch that I wanted to get rid of but I think we’ll end up keeping it for the baby to play on when she’s older(at this point we’re still deciding). Either that or completely move it off to one side of the yard and eventually build a play area/sandbox for her. It’s kinda weird being an adult and having to think about that kinda stuff now…

Here are a couple photos of what the yard currently looks like. It’s pretty big, I don’t even think these photos do it justice…

It was covered in weeds up until this weekend when we had it cleaned up. It looked like a jungle from all the rain we got in January and February. The weeds were taller than Riot haha. I can’t wait to get started on the yard and I’m SUPER pumped about picking out all the furniture and plants, too. Who’s coming over for a bbq? 😉

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