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Awhile back I posted that we were finally getting around to updating our backyard and I’m happy to say we’re making progress! I say progress because we still want to build a patio cover and there are still plans to build a backyard studio space this Summer. There will always be some minor updates I’ll want to do here and there(like replace the ugly fence, paint the poles for the hang lights a matte black, plant a large cacti on the side of the house) but for now, progress!

Back in December we hired a landscape company here in San Diego to come level our yard, take out all the mulch, pour cement slabs, build a fire pit in the center of the yard and lay turf down on the side with an inset sandbox for Emma. It took a couple weeks but we are soooo happy with the results. And just looking back on the before photos, we have no regrets about this at all. We’ve already spent way more time out back since redoing our yard then we have the entire time we’ve lived in this house. It’s insane.

We showed our landscaper a birds eye view of what we were envisioning before he got started and I really think handing him this design helped a ton. So if are doing any landscaping and you have the ability to drum up a design I’d say go for it.

There have been some bumps along the way like issues with weeds, because they cut some corners and didn’t use weed barrier, ugh. Stuff that I wish we had researched better before hand but overall we’re pretty happy with the work.

We’ve loved using the firepit at night and Emma absolutely loves the little play area we set up. My mom bought her that little jungle gym for her birthday a couple months ago and she’s finally going up and down on the slide by herself. She seriously loves it and gets so sad when it’s time to go inside. One of the major things we wanted was the sandbox to sit flushed against the turf, this meant they’d have to dig a hole for the sandbox to sit in vs just setting the sandbox on top of the turf. So far, no regrets. I love how it looks.

Lastly, my Dad was in town a few weeks back so we went to our local boulder store and he helped load up some of the boulders you see around the yard. I don’t know what it is about them but I feel like it helped really tie everything together. Next up, I want to start getting some furniture for that patio! I think Aaron and I were holding off to make sure we actually used our yard once it got redone. But with summer around the corner I’m thinking a grill and some lounge chairs would be reeeeal nice.

All in all, I really love how our yard is shaping up. This is a huge upgrade from what we had prior and I think we’re still a little shocked every time we open up the curtains to the backyard. It’s beautiful! I’ll be sure to post when we start on the studio and the patio cover. If you have any questions leave them below xx

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  • I love how your backyard came out! Just came across it and would love to know more about how you found a contractor you liked, how long it took and any other learning curves along the way. What app or program did you use to draw up that plan?

    I would love to redo our backyard (it is all concrete right now). We have ugly properly line brick walls that I go back and forth on how to change. We don’t have a ton of space but I want to maximize what we do have so we want to spend more time out there.

    I know this is an older post so I hope to hear from you!