because you’ve been everything good to me


It’s very rare that Aaron and I ever have the same taste in music. With one of his favorite bands being Remembering Never and mine Saves The Day we can hardly ever agree on what to listen to in the car. I usually just forfeit completely when it comes to music because he hates Taylor Swift and I’m not too fond of all the commotion that takes place in most of his music.
Enter: Now, Now. Aaron sent this band my way the other night with a note saying, “Babe, I think you’ll like this band. I’ve had it on repeat all night and it reminds me of you.” Awh. And much to my surprise, we both found a band that we love, TOGETHER. I hope he knows that like every band I fall in love with, I’ll most likely have this on repeat for a few weeks until I get sick of it. 🙂

Take a listen for yourself here.

Hope you enjoy!

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