Birthday weekend!


This weekend was wonderful! Mainly because it was my birthday on Saturday, which I always make sure to turn March into my birthday MONTH. Yes, I get to celebrate my birthday for the entire month, Aaron hates it. 😉 The day involved tons of great food, great laughs, Silverlinings Playbook at this fancy movie theatre and my one and only rule: NO WORKING. I loved every minute of it. Sadly, today was back to the freelance grind and it’s slowly made me realize that I have definitely hit my limit. I’m feeling extremely anxious, stressed and overworked. I think I’ll be taking a break from freelance work for awhile so I can relax and start to enjoy my days off.

Last week I got my hair dyed a subtle ombre and I’m totally in love! I haven’t dyed my hair in years so it was a nice adjustment. I think next time we’ll be dying it a bit lighter and cutting it a bit shorter. I’m excited! I didn’t think I’d like having short hair that much but it’s been really low maintenance and easy to handle.

I HAVE to share the perfect coral lip balm with you all. My friend Lindsay introduced it to me last month when she came into town and I have fallen in love. I use it almost everyday, it’s Revlon’s Just Bitten lipstain in Rendezvous. It’s amazing. I’m going to go to the store this week and get some other colors as well. I love that it’s not heavy like a lipstick and that it also conditions your lips while keeping the color for a long time.

Hope you all had a great weekend! This week I’m going to try to finish up most of my freelance work and try to start running a mile after work each day. I forgot that I signed up for a 5K next month so I better get myself ready for that!

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