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I’m not sure about you but when I post on here I usually just tweet about the post twice, once in the morning and once at night. I’m not keen on the idea of tweeting about it anymore than that, I think it gets a little repetitive and quite annoying when it’s 3 sometimes 4 times a day on my twitter feed. And of course, this is just my opinion and what I do for my blog. In addition, I’ve found a neat site that tweets/facebooks FOR you. I use BufferApp because I work a full time job and there are times when I can’t get on my phone throughout the day to tweet about the post I just wrote. I love this app because it’s so simple, you just write out what you want to tweet, schedule the time you want it to go live and voila. It’s extremely easy. They just integrated it for Facebook too which is great because a lot of my hits come from Facebook.

And you don’t just have to use this for your blog. Say you wanted to post about an awesome site you just came across, schedule it on buffer and it’ll share it for you. Have some good news to share but want to wait until the next day and won’t be able to get to your phone or computer? Buffer it. I also love that there are Buffer extensions for Safari, Chrome and Firefox. So neat!

They have great customer service to boot 😉


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