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Last week I was tagged by Jess to share a little bit about my creative process! I had a lot of fun with these questions and it really made me realize how much I’ve grown as a designer over the past 4-5 years that I’ve freelanced. It’s still crazy to think that I still learn something new all the time and it’s such a thrill.

Next I’m tagging Jessie + Corina and can’t wait to read their answers. Here are mine below:

What Are You Working On?
I’m currently juggling a handful of freelance projects with small business’s ranging from writers + photographers to wedding planners + non-profit organizations. It’s a ton of fun! On top of that, I’m working at an agency in downtown San Diego where I do most of the digital design work for The Mirage Las Vegas. I’m counting down the days until I’ll be freelancing full-time starting in October and I can’t wait!

How Does Your Work Differ From Others Of Its Genre?
This year I’ve been focusing on putting more meaning into what I’m designing. Not just designing to make something pretty but developing a reason for why I’m adding in elements or why something looks the way it does. I try to focus on keeping things simple and minimal while still getting the story across for a brand.

Why Do You Design/Create What You Do?
When it came time for me to choose a degree for college I couldn’t decide because I couldn’t ever imagine myself as a doctor or lawyer which is what I thought I had to go to school for if I wanted to be successful. I love that design allows me to be creative while still putting food on the table. I can spend days designing something and it has never felt like actual work, it’s fun for me!

How Does Your Design Process Work?
After I have the client fill out a detailed questionnaire which pulls important information about the clients goals and aesthetic aspirations I go straight to researching and sketching. This allows me to see whats out there in their specific field of work as well as get a good idea of what direction we should take. When I sketch I try to get out as many ideas on paper as I can regardless if they’re repetitive or bad. The more I note-take and sketch the more the juices start to flow. Depending on the project I usually present some rough sketches to the client to assure them that we’re on the right track and then I’ll take it to the computer where I’ll add in colors, elements and photos. I try to keep the process the same because it’s been something that has worked for me but every client is different which is what makes the whole process exciting.

Thanks for tagging me Jess! xx

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