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Happy Saturday! I was in a mood to put together some items i’ve been eyeing lately and figured I’d share them here. I clearly have a palette I’m loving at the moment lol. Anywho, have you seen Vitruvi’s new colored diffusers? I am loving that terracotta color. It’s so good. I have also been trying to tell myself I don’t need another camel sweater but that mockneck one is too good(and for $34!) so I might have to snag it while it’s still in stock. And after pretty much purging my entire closet last weekend after watching just one episode of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on Netflix I am left without a good everyday purse. That mini bag is a 3-in-1 which is right up my alley. Thinking this might be a regular thing I do on the blog because it was real fun. x

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