Desert livin’

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Over the weekend we made the 6 hour trek down to Phoenix for my nieces birthday. I was a little hesitant about that drive with Emma but she was a trooper and surprisingly did pretty good to and from. Although it was a quick trip we did manage to sneak away to the desert to explore a bit. We found the most perfect spot that was pretty much right in my brother in-law/sister in-laws backyard. It’s gorgeous! Arizona is so beautiful but I definitely don’t miss the heat and I’m glad I only had to experience that for the weekend, haha.

Emmas hair is finally long enough to wear pigtails and I’m freaking obsessed. She loves to pull them out in the car but I just need to bribe her with raisins and she’s cool with it.

I wasn’t sure if I was the bandana wearing type but I love this one I snagged from Madewell. It’s thin too, so it’s not like a normal bandana where you have to fold it and then tie, this one is thin so you just tie a knot and you’re good to go! Finding this spot made me excited about taking photos again and getting in front of the camera(not sure what it is about finding a good location) but now I’m on the hunt for spots around San Diego that aren’t just at the beach!

Top | Jeans | Bandana | Shoes(similar) | Emmas Romper(similar)

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