This past weekend I went off to Palm Springs to meet an amazing group of girls who are all graphic designers. This had been planned for months by Promise Tangeman and Alyssa Yuhas and I almost didn’t go because I was so nervous. But, with a little extra push from Aaron I went! and I’m so glad I did because I walked away with so many great friendships. It was an amazing weekend full of relaxation, chit-chat, food and exploring. It was incredibly fulfilling to be able to have conversations with other ladies who all go through the same thing with clients and design. I learned a ton and feel so, so inspired! I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend and can’t wait till next year! I’ve been working away on my rebranding and although it’s still going to take a long time till it launches I am pushing myself harder than I ever have, trying new things and not settling!! This weekend was exactly what I needed and feel so thankful that I had this opportunity. Until next time ladies… ♥

If you’re a graphic designer and want to stay updated for next year follow their twitter @ourdesignlife

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