Designer Vaca 2014


So many images, I know! Designer Vaca was a couple weeks ago and I’m just now sitting down to look through all of the pictures I took. Aside from having a ton of fun, I learned some important things about freelancing and areas where I need to work on in my business and also walked away feeling so confident that I’ve made the right decision to freelance full-time. It was so comforting knowing that there were other talented ladies who started out feeling exactly how I am(second guessing myself, SCARED, did I make the right decision!?) but I am feeling so good + positive about this direction I’m heading and love that I’ve made friends with other ladies who understand and are there for support, encouragement and willing to listen. Sometimes you just need a listening ear from someone who gets it and I’m so happy to have found my people.

This time around we definitely made it a point to experience more of Palm Springs. We chased sunsets near huge windmills, explored Moorten’s Botanical Garden with the most beautiful cactarium, couldn’t pass up brunch at Norma’s at The Parker and on the way back to San Diego we stopped at Salvation Mountain. I love that everything was spur the moment and that everyone was up for trying something new.

Some links to check out if you weren’t able to attend this year;

• Jaymee posted an amazing video recap of Designer Vaca here.

• Becky shared a great round up of resources she collected from all of our discussions.

Till next year, ladies! xx

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  • Wish I could just live in the color palette that is the photos. Also, I’ve never been to Salvation Mountain and it’s very high on my list of places to visit. Can’t wait to (finally) check it out!

  • LADY – these photos are absolutely gorgeous. So glad that you felt confident in your decision to freelance full-time. So cool! Also, that botanical garden?!?! How have I been to PS and never been there? ON THE LIST.

    • You neeeeeed to check it out! Also, side note I totally wish I had your number. Now whenever I go to a shop here in San Diego and I see your work I take a picture of it. So far in my photos I have Pigment and Seaside Paperie. Haha! Random but I love your work and love seeing it around Sd. <3

    • I hope you can make it too, it’s amazing hanging out with other ladies who understand the design world 🙂

    • Haha! I wanted you to go so badly! We’ll just need to plan our own meetup soon! I wanna come visit Austin, I’ve never been!

    • I loved chatting with you Jaymee, you are SO talented. Let me know when you’re down in SD, I’d love to get coffee, and hopefully they won’t mess up your drink like they did at the Ace. 😉

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