Desktop Wallpaper: Just Create


Apologies for the lack of posts lately! I feel like this month is already passing by too quickly. As I mentioned in my last post, we’re swapping apartments with a couple other tenants in the building which is so great! Since we got Riot I’ve slowly realized that we’re outgrowing our studio that we’ve only lived in for 6 months. This opportunity came at such a great time and I’m so grateful we live in such an amazing community that allows us to do this. With that being said, I have been rushing to finish out all of my client projects for 2013 so I can start 2014 on a clean slate. This gives me the opportunity to not only refresh my workspace and do some design work for myself(for once!) but actually take a break while we’re on vacation in Reno for the holidays. I have been driving myself a little bit crazy trying to get the apartment ready to move, handle work and everything else that’s piled up. But it’s been a fun kind of crazy.

I have been loving the process to making these desktop wallpapers for you all. It’s definitely been a great way of honing in on my skills while having fun and not feeling any pressure. The best kind of juices flow when you’re just creating and having a blast. Also! This month I decided to throw in both an iphone 4s and 5s wallpaper! This Just Create piece is one of my faves. Be sure to check out my portfolio with other hand lettering pieces of mine. Enjoy!

[wpdm_file id=4]

Download Here.

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