Dreaming of longer hair


My hair is finally getting past that awkward middle length where it’s in between being super short and getting longer. I’m so anxious for it to get longer! I told Aaron that the next time I say I want to get my hair cut shorter to punch me in the face. 😉 February of last year I had that itch to chop off my hair and I did and now all I want is my long hair back. Here’s to hoping it grows inches over night and sometime soon I’ll be able to wear my beloved top knot. Until then I’ll be taking my biotin pills and waiting until the very last minute to get it trimmed.

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  • i’m with ya! i think our hair is about the same length and i’m dying for it to grow faster! i totally regret doing the big chop. definitely ready for my long hair back.

  • Oh, I know how it feels to regret having your hair chopped shorter. A lot shorter. Lol. So yay to your hair getting longer! 🙂

  • giiiirl, i hear you! i don’t know why i decided to cut my hair over my birthday…now i am anxiously awaiting my hair to grow back and also taking biotin like it’s going out of style.


  • If I had mid-back length hair, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I do think the longer my hair gets, is the less I know what to do with it lol but I’ll never cut my hair into a bob again. That was a nightmare.

  • Oooh, I’m super surprised that I actually can’t relate, haha! I cut just over 10 inches off of my hair this month, and I’m still loving it. I’ll hope for you that yours starts growing faster, though! 🙂

  • I keep telling myself one day I will go short, but I just never can do it. There’s just so many options with long hair, you know? …good luck on your hair growth! 😉

    These do’s are so great! Such gorgeous colors too. I may use these as inspiration for my next color. 😉