Emma’s first trip to Tahoe!


While we were up in Reno(more on traveling with a little one soon!) visiting family we made a day trip up to Tahoe. Aaron and I both grew up spending our summers and winters near Tahoe so it was so awesome to be able to travel here as a family and bring baby Emma. I know she won’t remember this at all but I loved sitting by the water and dipping our toes in the freezing cold water. It’s INSANE the amount of water that’s in this lake right now. A couple years ago when we were planning our wedding we looked at a venue on the lake and the water was so low it was really sad. It makes me so happy to see how much water there is now after all the snow and rain we got during the winter. Anyways! We had a blast and it was nice to be able to spend time with my mom and sister. It didn’t hit me until we had Emma just how much I miss my family in Reno. Hoping there will be a lot more trips to visit in the future! Here are some photos we snapped up at Sand Harbor:

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