Enjoy the Journey


Every weekend for the past month I’ve been making myself practice lettering and work more in Illustrator. It’s been so calming to work on my own pieces and further my skills and also equally awesome discovering new tools I had never used before. I love using this blog to try out new things creatively and think I’ll start making these for fun pieces appear on the blog a lot more often.

There’s been a lot of talk about traveling lately and it has me so excited for 2014. I’m currently in the midst of planning a small girls trip to the Bahamas for the end of May and looking at flights for Aaron and I to visit Seattle + possibly Yellowstone at some point! Aaron and I have come to realize that in the almost 6 years of us being together, we’ve rarely traveled anywhere that didn’t involve visiting family. Which is totally okay but I’m so ready to take a trip just him and I to a place we’ve never been, no itinerary and just eat our way through the city. I cannot wait!

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