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When I was growing up I was heavily into sports; karate, volleyball, basketball, softball and even colorguard for a couple years in highschool(shhh). My grandma used to make me let me eat junk food just so I’d gain weight. And because I was so active, I lived with the notion that I’d forever have a fast metabolism. Fast forward 7 years, I’m not playing any sports, my day job consists of sitting for very long periods of time and with my day job and freelancing sometimes it’s very hard to eat healthy throughout the week. This year I’ve made huge leaps in terms of getting healthy and staying active. I’ve stopped going out to lunch as often at work and started bringing salads and made a huge effort to cook at home, even when I don’t feel like it. I have too big of a love for California burritos. But now, I love waking up at 5:30 each morning and hitting the gym for an hour and a half. I hated waking up so early at first but after getting into a routine it’s the perfect way to start my morning by being able to sweat it out and clear my head in preparation for the day. With being active I’ve also developed a love for specific items I need to workout with each time which you can see above.

I’ve been doing more running over the past couple months and have really fallen in love with it. I broke down and purchased some solid running shoes and it was seriously the best investment I could make for my legs/shins/feet. It took a lot of effort for me to give up my 5 year old tennis shoes but so happy I got these. These have definitely allowed me to enjoy my runs and a couple weeks back I conquered what I never thought possible and ran 5 miles. On.a.roll.

Happy Friday! xx

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  • woohoo 5 miles?! that’s awesome! i started running in february so i could be healthy for my babies. i haven’t gotten to 5 miles yet (because i’m not consistent) but i did finish two 5Ks since then and plan to do another next month!

  • ooh, i needed to read this post! i’ve been trying to commit to running too … right now i’m happy if i can get 15 minutes in every few days. better than nothing, right? 5 miles is so awesome!

    oh, and i was totally a drum major for 3 years of high school. possibly even nerdier than colorguard. i was always jealous of the flag team, it actually looked like so much fun!

    • I started out running a steady 5 minutes at a time and gradually would challenge myself to run longer and longer. It’s HARD but it helped me a lot!

      and that’s amazing, I always wanted to be a drum major but kneow nothing about the instruments! We’re nerds 😉