From the weekend 01


I’m going to make an effort to bring my camera out a bit more. I have such a big love for photography and get so sad when I think about my camera collecting dust and how I haven’t been trying to improve this hobby of mine. And with that, I’m starting a new series sharing bits and pieces of my weekend with you all.

This weekend was filled with mostly work and barely any play. Saturday our brand new couch was delivered and I’m in love. We had a really tiny ikea one for awhile but since we’re in a bigger apartment we figured it was time for an upgrade. And luckily, within an hour of receiving our new one our old one was sold off Craigslist. That site can be so convenient.

I also wanted to share a little peek at our bedframe that we built awhile back. It’s definitely functional for the time being but I think Aaron and I agree that we won’t attempt that project again. I’ve already picked out our next “professionally built” bed frame and I’m just waiting to make the plunge. Apart of me loves that we’re using something that we built together but I hate that it’s so clunky and don’t feel like painting it to match our other furniture.

Sunday was spent at my desk working aside from a quick trip to our usual spot for a client meeting and another stop at Home Depot to pick up materials to make a closet(!). More soon. I also went to my first softball practice for our company softball league that we’re all in. I’m so excited for our first game. I’m super competitive so I’m eager to see how this will turn out.


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