From the weekend 02


This weekend was really low key, I had a wonderful night out with my coworkers Friday night and spent Saturday lounging, giving myself a manicure and buying more plants for our apartment. I am really loving all of the plants and how much it adds to our home. My grandma was a huge gardener and plant lover and I feel like I’m seeing more of that in me as I get older, which I love. I’ve surprisingly been able to keep all of them alive! I’m lucky that Aaron doesn’t mind living in a jungle. 😉

I often forget that we live so close to the ocean. Sunday evening after a long day we decided to go watch the sunset at our favorite beach. It was so nice to decompress and as Aaron would put it not think about anything. Also worth noting, he let me take his picture! That never happens. Beach evenings really need to happen more this Summer. I can’t wait for bonfires and sunrises. xx

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