From the weekend 03


A little behind on the weekend update but better late than never, right? Early last week we packed up the car and drove 10 hours to Reno to watch our best friends get married. With Aaron as the Best Man and I as one of the Bridesmaids it’s been such a busy year for both of us. The day was absolutely beautiful and honestly I’m sad it’s over! I loved each of the ladies in the bridal party and with everyone living out of town it’s going to be hard for all of us to be in the same state again. I’ve been in family weddings before but this was the first of any of my friends to get married and now it seems like so many of our friends are tying the knot(seriously, atleast 4 friends this year!). It’s super exciting to be in the age range and I can’t wait to attend more.

The entire trip was wonderful and I’m glad I was also able to spend it with my family, too. I’ve missed them! I bought my little sister a DSLR last year so while I was there we drove out to a park by the river and I helped her out with her photography settings and surprised her by giving her my old 50mm lens. It makes me so happy seeing her pick up a hobby and really falling in love with it.

*ps: I’ll be finally getting around to shooting some of my work and updating my portfolio this weekend. I gave my logo a much needed revamp a few days ago so if you haven’t seen already check it out here. Feels good to be able to see how much my work has evolved and where my style is heading. Stay tuned for more! xx

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