Goodbye, 2014!


I’m SO late on this post but didn’t feel right not posting atleast something, right? I wanted to post a little recap of events that happened last year and posts!

2014 started off a little rocky with spending a few weeks in Reno coping with the passing of my grandma unexpectedly. I don’t think I even mentioned it here but it was hard. I like to keep this place positive but I really miss her and try to do things daily that remind me of her like keep my plants alive(she loved gardening) and cooking. I miss her lumpia and chicken adobo. Next week(!!) however, my family and I will be traveling to the Philippines so we can meet a lot of family out there and I can see where she grew up. I’m really looking forward to it and excited that I get to experience this with all of my family together.

In February Aaron and I moved for the 3rd time in a year and I’m happy to say we’ll be here for awhile. I love our apartment and our landlords. There’s a salon, a yoga studio, and coming soon will be a coffee shop and a deli in our building which pretty much means we never have to leave.

I got outside more than any previous year. This was from a hike up in Torrey Pines with my close friend, Courtney.

We watched our two best friends get married in July.

Took a cruise to Catalina Island and Mexico in August!

I left my day job to pursue working for myself full-time in September!

Vacationed in Palm Springs with a bunch of inspiring talented ladies in October.

Took more photos than ever in November.

And got engaged in December on the anniversary of my grandma passing away. The last moment I remember with my grandma was when she was in her hospital bed, we were about to leave for the night and she was always joking around. She told Aaron that he better take good care of me or that she’d punch him in his nose. 😉 This was something Aaron brought up when he was proposing and love that we’ve turned something that was sad into a positive day full of love. I know my grandma would appreciate that she doesn’t have to punch him, ha! 😉

Eventhough the start of the year was really hard and challenging it turned out to be one of the best. Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

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