Happy Holidays


It’s Friday! Which means I’m on vacation for a good two weeks. We’re headed off to Reno tonight(I’m so excited to see my family!) with an overnight stop in Bishop and then next week after Christmas we’re driving down to Vegas to see my Dad and Aaron’s family. This year went by too quickly but I’m so excited for 2014. Aaron and I both had so many changes good and bad that happened this year with the one big thing being change of jobs for us both. I know I say this too often but I have been so grateful for the opportunity to work at the agency. It’s been such a learning experience and the people there have become family to me. You don’t come across that too often so I try not to take it for granted. 🙂 With that being said, I am in need of a vacation so this one came at the perfect time. I hope you all are enjoying the holidays and have a great weekend. Regular posting will be back after New Years. xo

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