Hi everyone! If you’re reading this in your reader please take a moment to click out of the window and preview the new design for HelloVanny!

It’s been nearly a year and a half since the last time we’ve redesigned this site and I’m so incredibly happy with the outcome. After spending quite sometime drafting up failed mockups this one finally stood out and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. This layout definitely fits me and I feel it reflects how I’ve grown both as a blogger and a designer.

Some changes:
I have taken sponsors completely off because I felt it cluttered my blog and it was something I was really only trying to do to help benefit my friends in the blogging world. And not to say that’s bad but I felt like I was getting caught up in the blogging trends and not being myself or rather, not blogging for myself. I’m all for supporting other bloggers and I think I can do it in a more creative way on here. 🙂

For those of you who enjoyed the old layout HelloVanny 2011, you can now download that theme for yourself under the Resource tab! It’s for WordPress users only but it’s completely customizable and something Aaron and I both agreed we think you all would like.

I’d just like to say that I’m extremely thankful for Aaron and his superman-like coding capabilities. We both put in a massive amount of time and I think this new design definitely shows for it.

So click around, get a feel for the new design and don’t forget to try out the fun comment form. 😉

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