Home Envy


We did it! We’re all settled into the new apartment. Aside from some minor things here and there that need to get organized the place is looking pretty great.I’m so loving having a loft style apartment with the bedroom + office upstairs. Yesterday after helping the other tenant move into our old apartment we got busy and made our own desk. We went into Home Depot having a small idea of how we would build it but walked out feeling pretty confident. Everyone there is so helpful. I’ve been wanting to build our own desk for months and am so relieved it’s finished and am so impressed by how good it looks. I also just purchased a ton of new plants big and small for the new place. They look so great and I’m crossing my fingers that I can keep them alive. Next on our list is a bigger couch and an accent chair! With that being said, I’ve been nonstop looking online at home inspiration. It’s hard not to fall into a blackhole on Pinterest. 😉

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  • I can spend hours looking on pinterest for house inspiration – the only thing is that I find I get a serious case of jealousy looking at the amazing spaces there!

  • ohh i know how you feel haha! as soon as i found out i was getting my apartment it was pinterest & home goods all day long! so hard to stop! loving this inspiration 🙂

  • I’m going to be forever stuck in this phase. I think I have pretty much everything I need but I’ve been searching for a couch for so long. It’s hard investing in an expensive couch when you live for four-legged babies lol. But hopefully 2014 will be the year. Otherwise I hang out in my office which isn’t really hanging out. ANyway, glad to know you’re moved in and settled. Can’t wait to see what your lovely home looks like 🙂