Honeymoon – Italy!


We’re heading to Italy! Since my trip to the Philippines last month I’ve had such an itch to travel which made me so eager to start planning our honeymoon. My initial thoughts when we talked about where we would go immediately went to Paris. And though I’d still love to go there I’m so excited that we’ll be spending time in Amalfi, Capri Island and Rome. I cannot wait. After seeing these pictures I knew we had to check it out. We wanted to be able to relax while still being able to go out and adventure around on our own pace. So with that being said, does anyone have any recommendations on places to check out, eat or stay? We’ve never been before so I have no idea what to expect! We’re also not sure how long we should stay in each city, I was thinking 4 in Amalfi, 2 days in Capri Island and 4 in Rome. Is that too much? Too little? Please send all of the tips and recs.


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  • I just visit Rome, Capri Island, and Amalfi Coast this past summer and they are both beautiful!

    Here’s some recommendations:
    Great airbnb flat – https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/696287?checkin=10-07-2014&checkout=14-07-2014&guests=6
    – close to gelato and some street shopping
    Not sure if you are wanting to do any tours but I would definitely book them ahead of time since the lines are always very long for places like the Vatican and Colosseum. We used ‘I love Roma’ tours and they were great (http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g187791-d2536650-Reviews-I_Love_Roma_Tours_Private_Tours-Rome_Lazio.html)

    Seeing the Blue Grotto is a must, it’s beautiful! Any sort of boat tour is worth it. You can also do some swimming there, a great location to relax and hangout by the water!

    Hope this helps 🙂 enjoy your time there!

    • Kimmie! This is all amazing, thanks so much!!! If I have any questions I know who to reach out to 😉

  • Oh my gosh! Love this! My best friend is currently living in Italy, and she just loves it. I know you will too! So excited for y’all and that trip 🙂

  • Alright! Here we go, as promised on Twitter:

    1// Amalfi – We did a day trip to Amalfi, and by far our favorite pizza/pasta were at Pizzeria Il Teatro. It’s secluded off the tourist path! Amalfi in general was really fun for shopping, it’s not completely unaffordable like Capri. Definitely travel to Positano for a day. It’s fun going up + down the winding streets of shops there too! Our favorite dinner in Positano was either Da Vincenzo or il Ritrovo. You will have to do a bit of climbing up stairs/taxi ridding to get to both, but each were a treat!
    2// Capri – Taking a boat at some point is a must! You’ll get to understand Capri a bit more + it’s super fun/beautiful/all that jazz. Gastronomia di Buonocore Raffaele for gelato is the best. Most places will plug their restaurant by showing images of the celebrities that have dined there, sometimes it’s a tourist trap, but often they have great food too.
    3// Rome – It’s been awhile since I spent lots of time in Rome, but I would go gelato crazy while there. It’s some of the best + you can’t go wrong at most gelato shops. There is usually a long line to get into the colosseum, but there is an entrance near the other ruins nearby that will allow you into the colosseum while skipping the line. A guided tour at Vatican City is also a good idea since the art is incredible!

    Just a few ideas, you’ll have a blast!

  • i am sooo excited for you!! this is going to be crazy good and seriously, the perfect honeymoon!

    i would be remiss if i didn’t suggest you take one of your rome days and do a day trip up to florence 🙂 it’s a 2-hour train ride on the fast train and a totally different vibe than rome! my favorite way to explore italy was just to walk around and roam and see what you can find – no plan, just follow all the twisty roads and wander into random shops and cafes! it’s pretty easy to spot where you are in relation to the major landmarks too, so you’ll never get quite 100% lost!

  • How exciting! I’ve been to Italy a couple of times, but never to Capri Island or Amalfi! Rome is amazing though. It’s so big, so much to see and do! It’s been about 4 years since I’ve been so I don’t remember the names of any places, but the Vatican was so neat to see! I’m not very religious, but I appreciated its history so, so much! Can’t wait to see photos of your trip!