How to have a successful day off


Yesterday I had such a wonderful day off that I thought I’d stop and give you some pointers on how you can have a wonderful day off too. ♥

Sleep in»
These days I normally can’t sleep in past 9am but that’s still good enough for me!

Make yourself breakfast + coffee»
Yesterday morning I made the most delicious sandwich; egg whites, provolone cheese, turkey bacon, spinach + extra tapatio. I was pretty impressed. This morning I made Aaron and I pancakes and bacon! I love that I have my own kitchen. xo

Accomplish something»
I spent a good amount of hours working on the design in my last post. My goal yesterday was to finish it so I didn’t move from my computer chair until it was done. And I felt so good after I completed my goal! That gave me the rest of the day to do whatever I wanted + I love when that happens.

Whether you take a walk outside or go bust your ass off at the gym. Some form of exercise always helps me have a positive day. I worked out for an hour and a half yesterday and felt SO great afterwards! A plus side, the boyfriend complimented me on how great I’m looking! 🙂

Enjoy the sunshine»
I took Molli to the dog park for the first time yesterday. It made my heart SO happy to see her running around with other dogs! I spent a good 40 minutes sitting outside while she played with some new friends.

Some minor things that aided in the perfect day: playing the She & Him pandora station as loud as I wanted, getting my errands done, walking around the house in my underwear(tmi?) the fresh breeze flowing into the house from having all of the windows open, having an extra cup of joe, eating lunch at the coffeeshop, getting chocolate covered almonds at the grocery store, marking “all as read” on a feed reader that had been haunting me, and extra cuddles at night before going to bed. ♥

What sort of things help you have a good day off? Please share!

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