Just one of those weeks


It’s just one of those weeks. Nothing is going terribly wrong but nothing is going really great, either. It’s just kinda meh. We got a new puppy last week which has been so fun. For awhile we’ve been wanting a friend for Molli to hang out with and last week on a whim we came across a Craigslist ad of an owner not being able to keep her pup because her landlord wouldn’t allow bull dog breeds. So we jumped at the opportunity to keep him. He’s been great and the only downfall is that slowly after we got him, I realized that I maybe allergic to him. 🙁 Every time I pet him I break out in hives and my eyes get super red and itchy. At first, I didn’t think it was possible to be allergic to one dog and not the other but after some research it is possible. Before we jump the gun we’re going to get him groomed, we’ve already given him a couple baths but I’m hoping taking him to get groomed will help. It’s just such a bummer! I’ll post pictures soon, he’s so cute.

On another note, yesterday morning I came out to my car and realized someone hit it and didn’t leave a note. After freaking out a bit, I called my insurance company, filed a claim and everything is taken care of. I’m so thankful for Aaron in times like this because the entire time he just kept reassuring me that everything is alright, and that everything would get taken care of and in a week we won’t have to worry about this. So after dwelling on it for a little bit, being pissed that money has to come out of my pocket for something I didn’t do I’ve accepted it and now I’m moving on. Just sometimes, that stuff sucks, ya know?

This week has been really trying on me and I need to refocus my energy into other things instead of the negative. My freelance work is going great, I love my job, love my family and I have great health. This weekend I will more than likely eat my feelings and relax.

So hows’s your week going?

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