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If you are someone that works a day job, does freelance AND still finds time to write in your blog: I have so much respect for you. Ha! Right now I’m trying to juggle two jobs and freelance so the blog has sadly been put on the back burner for a bit. BUT I think I’ve adjusted to the two jobs so hopefully you see more of me on here soon. Aaron and I currently only have Sundays together with me being at my two jobs during the week/weekend so we’ve been trying to plan fun activities together. Today we started the morning off getting coffee at our favorite shop and taking Molli to the dog beach. Aaron and I both agreed that going to the beach, even though it’s just so we can play with Molli, is SO refreshing. Next weekend we’re going to try to find a beginners hiking trail here in San Diego so hopefully that works out! I’m so excited! I’ve also started going to yoga at this cute studio downtown and am loving the work out.

Other than that here are some other things I’ve been enjoying: the walk to yoga, Wine Wednesdays, passion tea lemonade, hanging out with new friends, grocery shopping, “treating myself” to chocolate croissant bread pudding after a long week of work at both jobs, Aaron having coffee ready for me in the morning, spending Sunday mornings together, achy limbs from yoga, new jeans, and setting money aside to save up for this cute purse.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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  • You should definitely check out Torrey Pines for easy hiking. It’s unbelievably gorgeous!! Also- I struggle to have one day job and blog… so hats off to you, haha!

  • Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes! It’s nice to have a break though. I have no idea how you’re juggling two jobs with blogging. It’s bad enough with one!

  • Good to see u blogging 😉 Also, my schedule is about to change at work and we will have two COMPLETELY opposite schedules. It sucks but I guess we will have to make it work until things change again lol.

    P.S. I’m saving for a new purse too 🙂

  • Haha. I work a day job and blog *and* I’m hoping to start freelancing soon so I guess I’ll be one of those crazy people.

    Hope life starts to slow down a bit for you guys so you can spend a little more time together. 🙂