Minnesota 2012


We had an amazing time in Minnesota last week and I’m actually pretty bummed that the holidays are over already. Yesterday Aaron said, “Wanna know something sad? Christmas isn’t for another year.” ha! Our time in Minnesota was definitely short lived and I can’t wait to go back in the Summer time. My favorite part about Minnesota was definitely the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, as you can see I really couldn’t stop taking pictures of them! It’s so easy living in a busy city to be on the go all the time so it was really great to be able to slow down and actually enjoy being on vacation and I even got to start a new book! We spent most of our time cozied up inside seeing as how it was -15 degrees on Christmas morning. I was so cold. But it was great seeing so many lakes and fish houses and I was so happy to meet up with Breanna again!

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