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With working full time and freelancing it’s a bit of a hurdle to share my process and work with you. There’s a lot of boring not so good looking work which comes with working in an agency and then there’s a lot of work that I’m not allowed to share until everything is live or trademarked. Which is okay. It’s part of my job and I’m going to try to make more of an effort to share pieces here. This is a moodboard that was finalized for a client who’s a health and lifestyle coach. Over the year I’ve had a lot more nutritional/healthy lifestyle clients and it’s so much fun. I love that no answer on my initial questionnaire is the same across my clientele which is what makes my job so enjoyable. I’m excited to try out a few different lettering styles with this one and even have had the chance to experiment with a new medium, watercolor. I’ll be sure to share more on the project after the launch! xx

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