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This week has been insane, I’ve been trying to finish all of my projects with the acception of one project I’m just starting before my 2 week trip to the Philippines next week. Plus, before I come home after my trip I’ll be staying in Reno for a week to do some wedding planning and check out venues in Lake Tahoe. That’s three weeks that Aaron and I will not be seeing each other which is the longest we’ve ever been apart in the 7 years we’ve been together. I’m mostly scared that Aaron will starve. 😉 Trips aside I’m really excited about all the work I’ve got going on and that I can do things like take trips for a couple weeks without missing a beat.

I am so excited to start the branding and website for this new client. She’s a kinesiologist and intimacy coach for woman and I just love her kind spirit and fun energy. We just wrapped up this moodboard and I love the liveliness it gives off while still having some boldness in there with the typography. Can’t wait to share the branding we work on. xx

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