Rated and Recommended Murder Podcasts

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A lot of you know I’m obsessed with True Crime/Murder podcasts, I had posted on instagram stories last week that I was looking for some more recommendations and got a swarm of recs! I love it. And apparently you all do too! I’m slowly working through the list but thought it’d be a good idea to share them all here. I will post the ones I have listened to already(with ratings!!) and then below that I’ll list all the ones that were recommended but haven’t listened to yet. As I listen to them I’ll update it here with my rating of it.

I’ve listened to these ones above so far. Most of them I really really loved. My top favorites are My Favorite Murder(I still listen to MFM every week and have seen them live 2 times), Dr Death(this one had Aaron and I thinking W-T-F), and The Teachers Pet. To touch on the other ones that weren’t rated as high, this is definitely just a personal preference, I was really into the first seasons for Up and Vanished and Serial but then felt like it got really boring/uninteresting on the next seasons where they report on different stories.

And here are the ones I’m slowly working through, I just started Root of Evil and so far SUPER into it. I’m on episode 3, the first episode was not that interesting(shares more backstory) but now I’m totally intrigued.

I think I prefer whole seasons that focus on just one murder vs ones that talks about a different murder every week(MFM does this and is probably the only one I love that does lol). I think I prefer a whole murder in one season because you can dive into all of the small details that you miss when it’s just one 40 minute episode. Anyways! If you have any others you suggest leave a comment and I’ll add it here!

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