My week in pictures

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This week was filled with bike rides and coffee chats with good friends, actually that happened last week I’m just late in getting these pictures on the blog. 😉 Aaron and I have been hanging out with my coworker and her fiance a lot lately and it’s been so nice to finally hang out with friends in this still-new-to-us city. Lots of plans for 2013 like a day trip to Big Bear, visiting Portland and running a half marathon! Yikes. Here are some pictures from my week:
Aaron and I went on bike ride around Balboa Park and I couldn’t get enough of these tall trees. I love living next to this park.Morning coffee dates with Jessica to discuss her save the dates I’ll be designing and what kind of coffee date doesn’t involve gossip. ;)I accidentally left the shutter on too long and this happened. I kind of like it.One morning Molli’s ear wouldn’t go down. I could not stop laughing at how goofy she looked. Aaron and I made some time to enjoy coffee together one morning before work. It was nice to wake up early and not have to be on the go-go-go like we always are during the week. It’s been raining an awful lot here. I love it so much.

Aaron and I are off to Las Vegas and then Minnesotta for the holidays. I’m excited to have some much needed time off of work and make candy cane vodka with Aaron’s Mom. 😉 I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing week! xo

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