New Business Cards


Last week Shauna posted about her new business cards for Blogcademy. I was really intrigued and since I was in the market for new business cards anyways I thought I would give Moo a try. I tried out their new Luxe line and purchased 100 cards.

First off, the packaging that my cards came in is wonderful! You can tell they put a lot of effort into this and I was very pleased. Moo was super quick, affordable and I was impressed by the overall quality of the card as well.

I love that these cards give off the impression that they’re edge painted. It’s actually 3 layers of paper with a seam of color in the middle which you have 4 colors to choose from. I would definitely recommend this line if you’re looking to get business cards done. I really needed these quickly for an event I’m attending however I know my next ones will be letterpress and edge painted. Excited!

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