New Work: Boulevard Bakery


I’m so excited to finally share this project with all of you. While I was working at the agency in the beginning of the year we were tasked to create a to-go menu for Boulevard Bakery located in one of the large hotel/casinos in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the bakery has merged with another restaurant so they didn’t keep the menu or name but I wanted to go ahead and expand on the rest of the brand and materials for them as if they still existed. I love a fun personal project, don’t you?

As someone who has a degree in baking and pastry and then left that world to do graphic design, I’ve always had this vision of one day branding an entire bakery or restaurant. I just love anything related to FOOD. I love when I walk into a new restaurant and their branding is so good that it gets you excited about what you’re about to indulge in. If this branding were going into a real shop I can only hope it has the same effect. 😉 This project was such a blast and gets me super excited about working with restaurants in the future. Now I need to go eat some carbs.

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