New Work: Karmic Wellness


Finally got around to making some small updates around my website along with posting some new work! I haven’t been able to post this particular project for a few months(you can see the moodboard here!) because we were waiting for some business things to go through with Casey but I’m finally posting! I didn’t realize just how much went into this branding until I stepped back and took pictures of all of the sketches, the sheets of watercolor and all of the artboards I had opened in Illustrator. I loved every bit of the process and it really made me realize my weak points when it comes to design. Unfortunately, with this project I learned that watercolor was not something I wanted to work with anymore for client projects. I put in a lot of time trying to get the perfect curve or stroke and drove myself crazy! And hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing it just means I can spend more time working on projects I feel confident about and leave the watercolor to the pros. 😉
Check out the final logo and the rest of the project here.

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  • You learn by trying 🙂 I on the o ther hand just finished one watercolour logo for a client and can’t wait to do another! It definitely has it’s own challenges and isn’t going to be easy for every project.

    • Exactly! It was definitely a challenge, and I hate to admit that I felt like I was wasting so much paper by writing the same two words over and over again. 😉 I’ll stick with using watercolor for personal projects though! I still had so much fun.

      and thank you 🙂