New York, I love you

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I’ve been meaning to share photos from my trip to New York last year and now that it’s been exactly a year I figured why not! This trip was one for the books because it was so last minute and with one of my closest friends(who also loves food as much as I do!). Kaori and I went to culinary school together and I say this all the time, but I feel like going to that school(although I didn’t stick with a baking career) was all worth it for the friendships I walked away with. We booked this trip 2 weeks before which was something I wouldn’t normally do. I’m usually such a planner! I think I was around 6 months pregnant and knew my cutoff time for long flights was nearing and I just had this fire in me to book a spontaneous trip. Kaori was visiting me in San Diego and I remember sitting at a coffee shop talking about how much we had wanted to go to New York together(this conversation had come up at least 3 or 4 times during the year), how much food we could eat, all of the places we’d visit and not knowing when we’d ever have the opportunity to do something like this again once the baby came. So we pulled out our phones, looked up flights and hotels and booked it! I remember feeling SO excited and my inner fat kid was screaming for joy. Aaron was heading out on a motorcycle trip so it was perfect timing.

This trip was definitely one I’ll always remember and I can’t wait to take Aaron and Emma one day. There’s such a contagious energy about the city that makes you want to stay. Even just chilling on a bench in Central Park people watching was fun. I also have some video my mom took of Kaori and I on Good Morning America, ha! New York will always hold a special place in my heart. And this will forever be known as the 2016 foodie tour in my mind. I was so stressed towards the end of this trip knowing that I would have to take my glucose test the morning after landing back at home. I thought for sure I’d fail because I ate so much bad food and some of the articles I had read online said to try to eat healthy a day or two before the test! I just barely passed it 😉 Worth it!

One of my favorite days was spent in the Flat Iron District at Eataly. The next time I visit NYC I’m for sure staying in this area. Tons of shops and lots of good food.


Here’s a list of all the places we ate:


By Chloe.
Grimaldi’s pizza
Eataly for sandwiches
Cafe Fiorello (the meatballs!!!)
Momofuku nishi
Smorgasburg in Brooklyn(the lumpia shack was amazing)
Pepe Giallo
Joe’s Shanghai (best soup dumplings!)
Niu Noodle House (also best soup dumplings!) 😉
Brooklyn bagel for an NYC bagel(so good)
Lil Frankies (we ate pizza here with my friend Katelyn and it was so good)

Dessert/sweet treats
10Below Ice Cream(rolled ice cream)
Bar Boulud
Dough (donuts)
Dominique Ansel Bakery for cronuts (this is where the cronut originated from)
Milk Bar

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