Nutella Cupcakes


Aaron is having a potluck at his work today and asked that I bake him and his coworkers Nutella Cupcakes. Since starting my new job doing pastry I really haven’t set aside time to bake for myself so I thought this was a good opportunity to do so all while posting my Nutella recipe. This also gave me a chance to put my new camera(!!!) to use. 🙂

Now the cupcakes itself are just a simple chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips. It’s the filling and the frosting that make this cupcake “Nutella.”

Let’s get started:

Mise en Place:
Unsalted Butter(room temp) — 2 sticks
10x(Powdered Sugar) — 2 cups
Pure Vanilla Extract — 1/2 tsp.
Heavy cream — 1 Tbsp.
Nutella — 1 Case
Sugar pearls — to pimp out your cupcakes.

First, take your cupcake and scoop out a small portion from the center using either a small teaspoon or a melon baller. Then fill it with delicious Nutella.

Whip that butter. With a paddle attachment, yo.

Add that 10x.

Add your cream + vanilla. Whip it. Whip it real good.

Don’t forget to scrape down those sides. Seriously, though.

Here comes the fun part. Add your Nutella. I added 1/3cup for this recipe but it’s really up to you. Go ahead and add the whole case if you want, I won’t judge.

Keep whipping for a good 4-5 minutes until it becomes fluffy. Don’t forget to scrape down the sides.

Now put the frosting in a piping bag with a pretty tip, decorate and voila! Try not to eat too many. 🙂

Have a good weekend everyone! Be safe and have fun! xo

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