Our Engagement Photos!


Ah! I’m so excited to share these photos with you all. A few weeks back I got to thinking about how Aaron and I didn’t have any engagement photos. I mean, we were considering these as our engagement photos but I had NO idea that that day I’d be getting engaged so I definitely would’ve chosen a different outfit and washed my hair, ha! So we decided to ask our friends Anna + Andrew from Deer Lovers if they’d be down for an engagement session with us. And they were!! We wanted to be a little different with our shoot and thought it would be super cool to have photos from the sand dunes just 2 hours east of San Diego. I am completely blown away! Anna and Andrew did such an amazing job capturing Aaron and I in 110 degree heat and you can’t even tell we broke a sweat! We’re so so excited about these and I’m so happy we decided to get photos done. Thanks Anna and Andrew!!! x

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